Early Vision and Beginnings

Founded in 2021 and driven by a passion for health equity, five dedicated social workers established a mission to provide remote psychotherapy for lower-income Canadian households.

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Reduced symptoms

Based on our 2023 Q2 feedback surveys, 88% of our clients reported somewhat-to-major improvement with their mental health upon working with our practitioners.

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Canadians served

The team was founded on the principle that every individual deserves access to mental health services tailored to their unique needs regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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Aworie's vision is to become an innovative leader in Canada for mental health solutions tailored for marginalized Canadians.

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Client-Centered Care

We work on a individual and collective level to ensure client-centered care.

Cultural Safety

We believe that safe spaces for clients should be prioritized on a biopsychosocial-spiritual-cultural level.


We are committed to strong ethical principles, moral obligations and honesty in all of our client interactions.

Latest In

We will be offering EAP trainings and psychoeducation groups available for organizations starting January 2024.

Empowering mental well-being through strong therapeutic alliances.

Our health-focused team is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective support to help individuals navigate their emotional well-being and achieve mental health goals.  

Work with a team dedicated to providing high-quality therapy and striving for high client satisfaction.
Collaborate with a leadership team dedicated to health equity promotion.
Thrive in your personal and professional life with Aworie.

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about our practitioners

Blake also has a particular interest in Humanist and Existential therapy and the application of Integral Theory within psychotherapy.

Blake Anderson,

Associate Therapist and Life Coach

Recognizing that reaching out for support is not always easy, Tiffany believes that a collaborative environment can enhance therapeutic outcomes and boost resilience and self-confidence.

Dr. Tiffany Lewis,

Clinical Supervisor

With a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, Chen helps individuals develop greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and stress resilience.

Chen Jiang,

Meditation Coach

I see my clients as experts in their lives, which allows me to work in collaboration with my clients as we work towards their desired outcomes/goals.

Priscilla Ocran RSW, MSW,

Associate Therapist

Brand and Website Rediscovery

We're excited to announce that Aworie is currently in the process of revamping our online presence to better serve Canadians.  Our team is hard at work to create a modern and user-friendly web experience that reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Employment Assistance Program

From understanding the basics of mental health to addressing specific issues like stress, anxiety, and burnout, our training covers a wide range of topics. EAP participants will gain the tools to recognize signs of distress, offer empathetic support, and promote a stigma-free environment that encourages seeking help.

Greenspace Health Integration

Greenspace Health is an all-in-one solution to better provide measurement-based care for clients. Whether a client is depressed, anxious, or grieving, integration of Greenspace Health will help better measure and cater to the needs of our clients.  

Psychoeducation Courses

We believe that active engagement enhances the learning experience. Our training courses will be designed to be interactive, combining lectures with group discussions, homework, role-playing, and Q&A sessions. This approach ensures that clients not only absorb information but also practice applying it to their lives.

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